Rafael Bonachela's

we unfold

“We unfold will be a revelation of the new look SDC.” Jacqueline Pascoe, Dance Australia

Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director created his second major work following the unstoppable success of 360o, Bonachela’s premiere work for Sydney Dance Company, which burst onto the dance scene in 2008, introducing its choreographer to Australian audiences. The undeniable chemistry between Rafael Bonachela’s combustible choreographic language and the dancers of Sydney Dance Company produces art where rigour, freedom, strength and precision are deftly combined.

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“His dance is like a spray of bullets that hit their target.”

The Times, London

“It is modern art engraved in steel; thrilling in its newness…. Rafael Bonachela is of the moment..”

Dance Europe

“Bonachela delivers a work that is breathtakingly, almost painfully beautiful.”

Daily Telegraph, Sydney

“His language, gender blind and fuelled by disparate energies, has a muscularity that ebbs and flows… an underlying sexuality that gives handsome physical presence to the jagged emotional intelligence.”

The Times, London


  • “Rafael makes his dancers move beyond what they think are their physical capabilities and it’s extremely rewarding,”

    Ken Longworth, Newcastle Herald