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Larissa McGowan's


in De Novo 2013

Rising star Larissa McGowan brings us a playful sci-fi confrontation in Fanatic, an inventive, tongue-in-cheek look at YouTube fan culture.

One of Australia’s most distinctive choreographic voices turns her attentions to what surely must be the defining conflict of our age: Alien vs Predator. And in this interstellar, interspecies battle, there can be no quarter.

A delirious homage to (and deadpan satire of) the phenomenon of modern fandom, Fanatic takes these most revered and iconic of sci-fi action films and sets them against one another – a titanic struggle played out against the YouTube commentary of irate fans from around the world. Mashing together sinuous dance, kinetic battles and a soundtrack built from the sonic palettes of the Alien and Predator films, this is choreography as pop culture explosion, where the familiar clashes with the strange, and humour and irony rule above all else.

First performed for Sydney Dance Company’s critically acclaimed Contemporary Women showcase, Fanatic now makes its triumphant return as part of the De Novo triptych. Giddy and virtuosic, wry and recognisable, this is dance for the digital age – kinetic, immediate and exceedingly funny.

“Bendy, twisty, kick-arse choreography… Enormous fun.” – The Australian

“One of the most entertaining new works seen in an age… witty, smart and danced with kick-arse joy.” – The Monthly