Rafael Bonachela, Alexander Ekman, Larissa McGowan

De Novo

A mixed bill of premiere works

From the frontlines of dance comes a program of three revolutionary works – a suite of playful, subversive and inspired pieces that push at the boundaries of performance.

This is dance that doesn’t play it safe. From the minds of three esteemed choreographers, channelled through the exquisite dancers of Sydney Dance Company, comes a trio of works that break new ground. Whether they’re mashing up pop culture or poking fun at the sacred cows of dance, these are pieces that throw caution to the wind and hurl themselves into the void of the new.

1-23 March, 2013
Sydney Theatre

Tickets $30-$75 through Sydney Theatre

From an inspired collaboration with internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko and composer Nick Wales comes Emergence, a new dance work by Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company. A breathtaking cross-genre leap, Emergence sees the entire company ensemble take to the stage as a stunning soundscape take sensual, physical form. Featuring the alluring costume creations of Australian fashion designer Dion Lee, the world premiere of Bonachela’s latest work is bound to be a highlight of the 2013 dance calendar.

Irreverent, humorous and brilliant, Cacti is the critically acclaimed brainchild of Swedish dance prodigy Alexander Ekman. At just 28 years old, Ekman is already in high demand internationally, and this piece, devised for the legendary Nederlands Dans Theater 2, shows exactly why. Cacti is not only a subversive, entertaining commentary on the pretentions of contemporary dance, it is also a brilliantly conceived and bracingly physical piece of choreography.

From Australian rising star Larissa McGowan comes Fanatic, a hilarious pop-culture collision that pits Alien vs Predator in an interstellar dance throwdown between two titanic sci-fi film franchises. The hit of the Spring Dance 2012 Contemporary Women program, this tongue-in-cheek exploration of fan culture is back for more pulse-pounding, chest-busting dance action.

Inspired and unexpected, De Novo promises a very different evening of entertainment, as it unleashes three fresh wily dance works on an unsuspecting Australia.

Warning: Fanatic contains strong language.