Performance history

Rafael Bonachela's

6 Breaths

6 Breaths is the second collaboration between Italian composer Ezio Bosso and Rafael Bonachela, set to a commissioned score by Ezio.

The work is divided into 6 sections. Each section starts with a solo piano mixed with the sound of life breathing, different lengths and themes, depending on the section. The main sections are played by 6 cellos and sometimes piano.

* First Breath (life breath)
* Out of Breath (breathless)
* Crying Breath (weeping)
* In the Same Breath (simultaneous)
* Under One’s Breath (whipser)
* Last Breath

“Seeing Ezio conduct ‘First Breath’, ‘Crying Breath’ and ‘Under One’s Breath’ is the most beautiful and engaging pieces of dance I have ever seen….if you imagine the cellos being the lungs and Ezio making them breathe for the first time. He took my breath away” Rafael Bonachela

Rafael Bonachela

“The collaboration between Spanish-born choreographer Rafael Bonachela and eminent Italian composer and double bass maestro Ezio Bosso is a match made in heaven.”

The Stage, London.

“Rarely can music and movement have been so perfectly combined.”

The Stage, London