Dancer Q and A: Juliette Barton

Juliette Barton was born in Perth, where she completed the majority of her dance training and joined Sydney Dance Company in January 2009.

From 28-31 August, Juliette will be a part of Les Illuminations, showing at the Studio, Sydney Opera House, featuring Sydney Dance Company, Katie Noonan and Sydney Symphony. With choreography by Rafael Bonachela and costumes by Toni Maticevski, Les Illuminations celebrates the music of Benjamin Britten.

For further information on Les Illuminations click here and read more about Juliette here.

  • How has the creative process for Les Illuminations been different to other works you’ve performed in?

There are a couple of factors that make the creative process for Les Illuminations a unique experience. It’s primarily comprised of duets, within a cast of only eight dancers, which gives us a chance to build strong rapport with our partners.

Also the stage is smaller and we are more intimate with the audience than our usual set up. The audience will surround us, on four sides, which influences the way the work is created. There is more than one front and everything we do needs to be considered accordingly.

  • What sparked your interest in contemporary dance initially? What led you to pursue a career as a contemporary dancer?

I’m drawn to the idea of communicating with an audience, whether it’s a concept, an emotion, a sensation, or an idea. Non verbal communication can say so much, and that’s fun.

I also enjoy the exploratory nature of being a contemporary artist and the variation. Everyone we work with at Sydney Dance Company has their own way, which means constantly learning and adapting.

  • What is your favourite type of music  to dance to?

I connect with a lot of different music – something exquisite and instrumental, something with a kick arse beat, or something that evokes a creative response within me, which could change from day to day.

  • You will be embarking on an extensive international tour with the Company to perform 2 One Another next month. What are you looking forward to the most on tour?

This tour is to places I’ve never been, which is very exciting.  I’m particularly excited about the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato Mexico. Festival time is amazing wherever you are, as you’re surrounded by local culture, local people, and other foreign artists. It makes for a nice buzz.

  • What else are you passionate about outside of dancing?

I’m passionate about life and all its craziness. Living, learning, adventuring, and giving 100%  to the amazing opportunities that come my way.