Adam Linder - Choreographer/ Guest Artist

Adam Linder is a Sydney-born dance-maker and performer.  At age sixteen he left Australia to pursue his craft abroad. He currently resides in Berlin.

His performance history includes working with The Royal Ballet, The Netherlands Dance Theatre, and with choreographers Michael Clark, Rafael Bonachela and Jeremy Wade.  In 2009 he created Do Animals Cry with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods and will continue to perform this work internationally.

Adam’s short film Fuck Forever, made in 2007 and co-directed with Will Davidson, has been broadcast on Australian, British and Spanish television. Check it out by clicking on the link on the left.

His first solo performance The Perfect Score, created in 2008, dealt with the psychodrama of an adolescent search for masculine identity. It was performed in several seasons in London, as well as Italy and France.

Later that year the duet Foie Gras, which dealt with the desperate spectacle of mass consumption, was commissioned by The Place. It proceeded to win The Place Prize for Choreography.

His new solo performance entitled Early ripen early rot has already had preliminary showings in Sydney, London and Berlin. This work is about the faith of self-obliteration.

ARE WE THAT WE ARE is Adam’s first commission from Rafael Bonachela and Sydney Dance Company.  The work marks the first time that Adam’s prodigious talent has been seen in his home city, both as a choreographer and as a performer in the piece.

ARE WE THAT WE ARE is a physical exploration into the existence of altered states of consciousness within human experience.  Embodying arcane states of otherness, this work investigates mysticism and spirituality, rapture and trance states, psychedelia and sexuality, to expose realms of awareness beneath the surface of everyday reality.  By illuminating the potential of the body to transcend the conscious self, we are asked to question what lies beyond ordinary rational consciousness.