Performance history

Rafael Bonachela's

The Land of Yes and The Land of No


The Land of Yes and The Land of No is beauty in motion from world-renowned choreographer and Sydney Dance Company Artistic Director, Rafael Bonachela in collaboration with composer, Ezio Bosso. The original production of this work opened in Europe in 2009 to critical and audience acclaim. Sydney Dance Company will present the Australian premiere of this new contemporary dance production in Brisbane. The performance evolves from calm beginnings, with every exquisite movement picked out by Bosso’s music for strings and piano, and builds in tempo to an exciting and frenetic finale demanding high energy of the dancers with thrilling lifts and leaping turns. Theo Clinkard has chosen costumes of stylish and simple pleated dresses, shorts and trousers, while Guy Hoare’s lighting uses colour and flickering fluorescent strips to maximum effect. A fascination with road signs inspired Bonachela to create The Land of Yes and The Land of No to explore the metaphorical impact they have on our lives. The Land of Yes and The Land of No offers audiences a chance to connect in a way that is unique to them. It is a perfect example of how dance has the power to move people.