Dancer Q and A: Todd Sutherland

Todd Sutherland was born in Queensland and received his early training at the Queensland Dance School of Excellence (2001) and later at the Australian Ballet School (2002-2004). Todd joined Sydney Dance Company in January 2011.

You can catch him performing in Project Rameau at QPAC, Brisbane from 11-13 July 2013. Click here for further info and check out Todd’s full bio here.

What did you love most about growing up in Queensland?

Queensland is famous for its beaches and sunshine. My fondest childhood memories, without a doubt, are family holidays at Queensland’s Gold Coast.  Particular highlights include going to the beach with my brothers and playing in the pool to all hours.

What has been your most inspiring dancing experience?

Performing at New York’s Joyce Theatre to a standing ovation on Sydney Dance Company’s 2011 International Tour. Performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House for last year’s Spring Dance is a close second.

What is your favourite thing about Project Rameau and what is the most challenging thing about performing in the work?

The Australian Chamber Orchestra is definitely one of my most favourite features of Project Rameau – having musicians with us on stage while we are performing is something I’d never experienced before.

At Sydney Dance Company we usually perform with recorded music but having the Australian Chamber Orchestra perform live brings a welcomed challenge – the slightest shift in tempo can drastically change how we dance.  They keep us on our toes (pun intended).

Outside of dancing, what are your other passions?

My other great passion in life is gymnastics. While I don’t do gymnastics any more I have discovered a keen interest in circus arts – for me it combines all the great things I love about performing. I’ve had some exciting opportunities to perform aerial work in Sydney Dance Company’s annual Dance Noir fundraisers.

What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about you?

After many years of ongoing study I have finally completed my Bachelor of Arts.  The combination of 10 years of full-time dancing and early morning academic study has been arduous but a great personal achievement.  I hope to use these new skills when I retire from my dancing career.