Stephanie Lake

Stephanie Lake is an award winning dancer and choreographer based in Melbourne. Having danced with some of Australia’s best contemporary dance companies over the past ten years, Lake now brings focus to her choreographic work.

In 2012 she created Dream Lucid for Sydney Dance Company’s Contemporary Women. She has also had commissions from Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc., Stompin and Melbourne International Arts Festival, as well as independent projects including music film clips, advertising and several large-scale public dance works involving nearly one thousand participants.

Her work, Mix Tape, was winner of the Green Room Award for Best Choreography in 2011 and she was nominated for Best Choreographer for her work Dual at the 2013 Helpmann Awards.

Lake’s unique movement style combines recklessness and precision, marrying abstraction and emotion. She reaches for the extremity of physical exploration in her works. Bodies are flung, made molten and cascade into percussive phrasings that lead to moments of delicacy. She strives for complexity and beauty.