48 Nord

Founded in 1998, 48nord has an international standing as a formation for experimental electro acoustic music. Siegfried Roessert (electric and double bass, live-electronics, composition) and Ulrich Mueller (guitar, live-electronics, composition) are consequently testing the boundaries of improvised and composed music. Characteristic for the work of 48nord is the coaction between acoustic instruments and 48nord’s specific approach to the world of electronic sound-generating and sound-processing.

48nord appears as a duo and performs with international renowned musicians in various formations. Based in Munich, 48nord composes experimental radio plays as well as music for theatre and ballet pieces.

48nord played among others at the Mouvement Festival – Music of the 21st Century/Saarbruecken, at the Spielart-Festival/Munich, the Munich Biennale for Contemporary Music Theatre and as “Guest of Goethe” at the Goethe-Institute/New York. In 2005, 48nord appeared as a trio together with Tortoise-guitar player Jeff Parker at the Festival open system/Herne, the London underground radio station and at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, CCA/Glasgow.

 A long term partnership connects 48nord with the American trombone player and composer George Lewis with whom 48nord performed among others at the Sounds Like Now Festival (New York/La MaMa ETC theatre) and at the Controindicazioni-Festival in Rome. With George Lewis, 48nord composed the radio play Terminus for Deutschlandradio Kultur/Berlin. Since 2004, Ulrich Mueller and Siegfried Roessert are part of the George Lewis Octet (together with Miya Masaoka, Kaffe Matthews, DJ Mutamassik, Jeff Parker and Guillermo Brown).

48nord composes music for choreographies of the Italian choreographer Jacopo Godani for dance companies like the Bavarian State Ballet, Semperoper Dresden, Staatsballett Mainz, the Nederlands Dans Theater, the Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen and the opera of Toulouse and for theatre productions (among others for Ruth Geiersberger and Alexander Gerner). The collaboration with the Dutch dance company Leine & Roebana 172 Suggestions to a Body toured in February 2010 in the Netherlands. Ulrich Mueller and Siegfried Roessert received the Scholarship for Music and New Media and the Scholarship for Music in Public Space (both awarded by the city of Munich) for their work with 48nord. In lectures, 48nord presented its work at the International Symposium for Improvised Music in Munich, The Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia University in New York.

 In 2011, the collaboration with the choreographers Jacopo Godani and Pascal Touzeau are continued with productions at Staatstheater Mainz, Tel Aviv and the Sydney Dance Company. Together with the drummer, composer and stage director Patrick Schimansky, 48nord presented its new program cape and the eternity, an evening with improvised Noise Avantgarde, Experimental Post Jazz, Neo Rock and text collages after Christian Enzensberger’s „Smut: An Anatomy of Dirt“.