Artistic Director
Rafael Bonachela

Executive Director
Anne Dunn

Deputy Executive Director
Sean Radcliffe

Artistic Administrator Dominic Chang

Executive Assistant Kerry Thompson

Accountant Francesca Hendricks

Business Consultant Bruce Cutler

Dance Director Amy Hollingsworth

Development Director Janine Collins

Corporate Partnerships Manager Paquita Wiesner

Philanthropy Manager Michelle Forsyth

Development Coordinator Joshua Forward

Philanthropy Assistant Carina Martin

Marketing Manager Georgia Malone

Marketing Coordinator Chontelle Clark

Publicist Julie Clark

Resident Multimedia Artist Pedro Greig

Education Coordinator (Acting) Clare Goetze

Technical Director Adam Iuston

Stage Manager Simon Turner

Production Technician Tony McCoy

Dancers’ Treatment and Care
Company Doctor
Michael Berger

Company Physiotherapists

April-Rose Ferris
Olivia Crowley
Marko Becejski

Sports and Exercise Physician
Dr. Ken Crichton
Ross Partington

Dance Studios

Director, Dance Studios
Ramon Doringo

Studio Manager
Tammy Wheeler

Office Assistant
Narelle Howarth